Outsource - to contract outThe single most important thing I’ve learned about marketing is the value of consistency.

I am not always able to be as consistent as I would like because I juggle many things. There are some things I am good at, and others I am less good at.

I am learning to let go of the things that others can do better than me, so I can spend more time on the things that only I can do.

Here’s an example:

This week has been a fairly typical week for me. This means

  • about a third of my consultations were with people currently having a course of regular treatment
  • another third were people who come occasionally
  • the other third were new

The regular clients are wonderful to work with. We have a clearly identified list of issues we’re working on, and I love to see how they make progress over time.

The occasional clients were mostly coming for hayfever prevention this week. I have a protocol which involves two courses of remedies to be taken in early autumn and late winter.

The new people this week had all come via my website. People find me on Google, and either book a free 30-minute call or sign up for my newsletter. If they do the latter, they often book in with me later.

I know this is what happens because I keep an eye on my newsletter email list, and also because people tell me that’s what they do.

Outsourcing Example 1

This time last year I asked my WordPress magician (a friend and all-round wonderful person) to set up a Pop-Up email sign up on my Homeopathy with Tracy website.

This has been something that was on my To Do List for over a year, but every time I tried to get to grips with it, I ended up defeated. That’s why I finally decided to outsource it; I knew I needed to do it, but I couldn’t do it myself.

I asked him to do it.

He did it.

We tweaked it.

I get more sign ups.


Small Things Make a Big Difference

I hadn’t realised just how valuable a newsletter pop-up could be. Now I do.


Ever since I had that pop-up installed I have had at least one, but usually, two, or even three people sign up for my newsletter each week. That is a very small number — but it’s quite a lot when you consider that all those people have willingly given me their email address without buying or receiving anything else from me.

And, by the end of this year, it has meant more than 100 new people have signed up. At least one third of them have become regular clients. That is a lot of new people who have got to know me through my newsletter before they decided to book.

Comparatively, before I had the pop-up installed I wasn’t really getting any sign ups for my newsletter, though I was getting new clients from my website. I had a feeling I could do better, and the pop-up confirmed that.

My results? This is why I send out a newsletter almost every week. Because of this one enhancement I outsourced, I now have an audience that I don’t want to keep waiting too long after signing up.

Outsourcing Example 2

Half-way through the year, I asked my magician friend to redesign my newsletter template. We spent a long time going back and forwards with the design until I came up with something we were both happy with: clean, spacious, lots of white space.

But it’s more than just about me.


It’s a joy for me to use and something I genuinely look forward to doing, true. But even more than that, I’ve had lots of compliments on how it looks, and for my readers, the ‘open rate’ has increased now that my newsletter is more attractively designed.

It’s a win-win!

Save Yourself Time by Outsourcing

I paid for both of these services. The pop up and the newsletter set up.

I probably could have done them myself, but I didn’t.


I paid my magician around the same amount that I would receive from two homeopathy appointments. I saved myself days, they look more professional, and, importantly, they both work.

My Outsourcing Plan for 2018

This year I am looking at saving myself time and growing my business by outsourcing more.

I am keeping all the things that I definitely need to do, but letting go of things I don’t.

  1. A local friend was looking for work to fit in around her child-care. She is now in charge of keeping all my contacts up-to-date in my homeopathy booking system, and soon she’ll be working her magic on my Neal’s Yard customer base too.
  2. Having laboured through most of January on my end-of-year accounts, I have promised myself this will be the year when my book-keeping is completely fabulous. I will do some of this myself on my on-line accounting system, but I also have a fully qualified, experienced (and very patient) book-keeper helping me by spending a day every couple of months going through all my statements with a fine tooth comb.
  3. I’m setting up a new training and membership platform for Your Radiant Business. I won’t be able to do that on my own, and I’m looking forward to the teamwork that will involve.
  4. Last but not least, I pay for three hours of cleaning and ironing every Friday morning. This makes me very happy and, most importantly, keeps me sane! 

Do you have something on your to-do list that you could outsource? Work out how much time you would save and make a cost comparison.

I’m a huge fan of building a personal network of support people around me. I’m always delighted when I tell the universe what I need and it brings exactly the right person to my door.

If you’d like to be put in touch with any of the lovely people I outsource to, please let me know.

I’d be very happy to introduce you.

Have a great week!