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Hi! We're Tracy & Lulu!

This is our blog where we share our combined passion for beauty, creativity & business strategy along with all the many ways design & technology can help bring those three lovely things together!

If you're making a living as a homeopath and you want to have a personal, authentic and profitable practice this is our gift to you.

There's a lot of advice out there we know. We've sifted through all the options and would like to offer you our take on things. We present you with our very best tips, ideas and practical tools to help you find your voice and take small steps that to create a radiant homeopathy business that is really you.

We know you can attract, inform and inspire your clients simply by being real. When you are consistent, personal and authentic your client list will grow, your bookings will increase and your business will flourish!

Wherever you are on your journey to a successful homeopathy practice, we'll help you take the next step so you can really shine!

Welcome to Your Radiant Business!

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