How clear and thoughtful customer service attracts and retains clients

How clear and thoughtful customer service attracts and retains clients

Honest, truthful, sincere, open, genuineCustomer service is an essential part of a homeopathy practice, no matter how many people we have to look after. Each of our clients requires our attention and, as our practice grows, so does the time we need to spend.

Exceptional service is a must for a small service-based businesses like homeopathy (as Tracy does) and graphic design (as Lulu does), and it is one of the ways we bring value for our clients.

When our clients love what we do, we get the benefit of the best – though not the only – marketing tool: word of mouth.

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Appointments and Payments Made Easy

Appointments and Payments Made Easy

As homeopaths, we love helping people. Our client work is the focus of our business and we want to make sure that we provide a personal service.

Whether we work from home or in a clinic, part of our work will be involved with booking appointments and taking payments for those.

Simple can be beautiful

This can be kept very very simple with a paper diary and cash or cheque payments on the day. For many homeopaths, this system works beautifully with their client base and nothing needs to change.

Simple can be frustrating too

For some of us, we find that our personal work becomes secondary to our work of ‘being our own receptionist’. read more…

Why Newsletters Beat Facebook

Why Newsletters Beat Facebook

KnowLikeTrustDon’t get us wrong, we love Facebook!

It keeps us in touch with friends far and near. It gets us invited to all kinds of interesting events.

Plus it gives us a way to build and sustain friendships with people who we wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

But Facebook is not the way we stay in touch with our client base.

We have two main reasons why.

1. We don’t want our clients to be sending us messages on Facebook. That doesn’t sit well with our boundaries.
2. Facebook doesn’t show our business pages to anyone unless we pay for an advert.

So, while we love Facebook, we love newsletters more. Here’s why:

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The magic of newsletters: 4 ways emailing your community can grow your practice

The magic of newsletters: 4 ways emailing your community can grow your practice

News - new or noteworthyHave you ever received an email from someone and cringed at how salesy it was? Or got frustrated when someone emailed too often and filled up your inbox with things that you weren’t interested in?

I don’t know about you, but I find email junk mail really off putting so when we are told that we really should be doing “email marketing” or newsletters to build our practice it can really make me cringe!

For my early homeopathy practice, I started emailing my community in 2012 when I hired my first coach. One of the first things she encouraged me to do was start a  newsletter. 

“You have to educate people in what you do”, she said. 

“You will get repeat bookings from old clients”, she said.

“People need to be reminded that you are still in business”, she said.

After seeing so many examples of bad newsletters and having such a strong aversion to receiving junk email, quite frankly I didn’t believe this.  Despite being sceptical and freaked out at the thought of putting myself out there in this way, I took a deep breath and tried it out – after all, I had invested quite a bit of money to work with her.

Looking back now I can see that there was a myriad of good things that have come from emailing my community and I’m going to share a few here with you in the hope that my experience may also benefit your practice: read more…

3 reasons why it’s your duty to market your business

3 reasons why it’s your duty to market your business

Reach - Succeed in influencing or having an effect onAt some stage, many of us experience discomfort around marketing ourselves and our businesses. Perhaps we feel that it’s mercenary; perhaps we feel it’s in conflict with our values and principles to help others; perhaps, we simply just don’t know how it can work for us or where to begin.

That last scenario is primarily what we’ve been addressing in our posts over the past few months. However, today, we’d like to tackle the first two.

Is marketing yourself and your business mercenary?

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One simple thing to help your prospective clients (and it helps you too)

One simple thing to help your prospective clients (and it helps you too)

Impression - An effect produced on someoneHow many times a week do you receive an email from a potential client?
Once, twice, three times? More?

Do you access your email on your smartphone? If you do, do you feel you need to immediately send a response? (Maybe you should).

Do you find yourself sending quick responses just so that you’ve responded – even when it isn’t convenient?

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to have a rethink. read more…

Carving out “me-time” for your business

Carving out “me-time” for your business

Carving out "me-time" for your businessAs a health enthusiast and/or wellness practitioner, you know the crucial importance of self-care (as difficult as it sometimes is to practise!). You know that carving out regular time, just for you, makes you more resilient, more productive and more vibrant!

Today we’re encouraging you to also consider regularly dedicating time to your business.

You might ask, “isn’t that what I do, each day I go to my office/see my patients/check my emails …?”.

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5 proven strategies for achieving your goals in 2016

5 proven strategies for achieving your goals in 2016

5 proven strategies for achieving your goals in 2016Hey! Happy 2016


We’re a few weeks into the new year, and we hope you’ve got off to a flying start!


Do you make resolutions?


We always do!


Isn’t it exciting and motivating to start the new year with a new notebook or journal, or even a simple to-do list? You know the feeling, you’re determined that this time things will really get done and everything will be fabulous!


Look back to January 2015. What were your goals for the year? Can you remember them? Did you write them down anywhere? Can you find them?


Most importantly, do you remember whether you achieved them?


Yes? No? Maybe?


Well, whatever your answer, this year is going to be even more exciting because we’re going to share four ways to set and really and truly a-c-h-i-e-v-e your resolutions!


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5 ways to show your clients you care this Christmas

5 ways to show your clients you care this ChristmasFor many of us it’s that time of year when we have a tradition of giving cards and gifts. As therapists and practitioners, we may want to extend that to our clients too. But how?

We might not feel we have the time or money to write and give cards or gifts to all of our clients, even if we want to.

Here are a few ideas for different ways to send seasonal greetings and show we care:

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A simple question that can change everything: why?

IMG_8015 850Last week, the monthly meeting of the Women in Business Network (WIBN) group that we both belong to (where we met, over a year and a half ago), took place.


Casual conversation with a few of the ladies, revealed that there was a general feeling of exhaustion and a slight loss of spark when it came to their businesses.


We tried to unpick it a little. For many, it was down to being so busy that they hadn’t had a moment to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the bigger picture of what they were doing.


As the meeting went on, the woman who leads our group, Samantha, shared a video that happened to be just what was needed. It’s a video we’ve come across before that we’re now thinking is probably worth watching regularly, as a reminder (Thanks Sam)!


We too know what it’s like to feel stagnant, as much as we started our businesses with a strong sense of passion and excitement. We know how the day-to-day activities of your business can be all-consuming, leaving little time to review how this all fits together with your bigger goals and plans. It’s so crucial though, to periodically check that your actions are in the service of these ambitions.

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