Imagine yourself with a thriving homeopathy practice.

Think of how many potential clients you could reach with an effective and authentic online presence. Wherever you are on your practitioner journey, discover free weekly tips and ideas so you can tap into your marketing mojo, and grow the homeopathic business that you truly deserve.

We are Tracy and Lulu. One of us is a homeopath (that’s Tracy) and the other is a designer and web media expert (that’s Lulu).

Our very first conversation was about our passion for web and social media. In no time at all we had a plan to share the love, and now, well, here we are.

Materia Marketer is our blog where we share everything we know about building a great online presence.

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About Tracy

Tracy trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, graduating in 2007. She was in her second year at CHE when she set up her first website. She didn’t know what she was doing, so she found a friend who did. She knew she needed a designer, but she didn’t know any designers, so she asked around. Once she had a design, she had a website built to look the same way. A couple of weeks later she had her first enquiry. Ten years later, her website is still her main source of new clients.

Fascinated by the rise of social media and the opportunities it brings us to connect and share, Tracy continues to learn and deepen her understanding of how she can apply these strategies to her homeopathy business. She knows that the professional relationship matters at least as much as the prescriptions, if not more, and uses many strategies to build and maintain that trust between as well as during appointments. She is passionate about raising the professional standing of homeopaths, and believes that the internet gives us all the power to do that.

Tracy is married, with two children, and lives with her family, two cats and a dog in Bethnal Green, in the East End of London. She works from The Plane Tree, also in Bethnal Green. She has many interests, including knitting and quilt making, but she also has ‘another life’ as a blues music DJ and social dancer in London and beyond.




About Lulu

Lulu started her first blog in 2003 and was immediately hooked by all that the web had to offer. A space to express yourself; the possibility to reach people you might otherwise never come across and; a platform for you to add even more value to the lives of others.

Over the past 10 years, having a web presence has been instrumental to establishing Lulu’s career and growing her business. She currently owns a graphic design studio that works with people who need help crafting and presenting their unique voice and growing their audience. This involves designing visual identities, printed promotional materials, websites and consulting on social media.

Passionate about the opportunities that the internet offers us to connect, to exchange and to build relationships, Lulu loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm. She does this working one-on-one with clients; running web and social media workshops and; now, here! She looks forward to helping you leverage the power of the web.

Lulu lives in South East London with her partner. When she’s not designing, she’s usually making art, blogging or pursuing some sort of culinary adventure.