Welcome to the first edition of Materia Marketer – a weekly blog post and email series to help you grow your homeopathy business, holistically. This week we are starting with the most important marketing tool you have, that’s you!


All about you

Your name is important. It is important to you as an individual, and also to your homeopathy business. Have you ever tried typing your name into Google? Try it now. You might be surprised.

What comes up? What is on the first page? The second page? Even the third?

Hopefully the first listing is your website, or blog, if you have one.

Check yourself out. If you were a client, or a prospective client, what would you learn? Make some notes.

Are you listed in places you’d like to be listed? (Write them all down.)

Are you listed on sites you’d rather not be associated with? (Make a list.)

If you are listed, is your photograph professional and consistent? (More on this later.)

Are your contact details up-to-date? (Quick, change them if not!)


As part of this process, I spent an hour ‘Googling’ myself and this is what I found.

The first page contains everything I’d expect. My website, my blog, my clinic profile, my workspace profile, my Twitter, my Facebook, my LinkedIn page. So far, so good.

But I still had work to do.

I needed to update my photo and contact details on LinkedIn.

I completed my profile on Homeopathy World Community. (While I was there I looked at my privacy and made my content more secure and only available to members.)

I deleted a SoundCloud account that I don’t use.

I found myself on Instagram (which I hardly ever use) but discovered I actually have a nice collection of photos there. That made me very happy and inspired me to post more photos there.


Over to you

In the coming weeks we’ll be looking at all of these areas in a little more detail. But for now, looking up your name is a good place to start. If someone decides to Google you, what will they find? Could you spend a useful hour or two updating or deleting out-of-date profiles?

If all of this seems a little scary, don’t worry, that is completely normal. Change is always uncomfortable and making changes takes courage. The good news is that every tiny change you make will make a difference, and it all adds up over time.

Do you have a new notebook you’ve been saving for something special? How about you go find it and start a Practice Development Notebook? I started one of these when I was at college and I’ve had one ever since.

While you are doing your Google search, make notes for yourself. Anything you feel you’d like to change. Anything you feel happy about. Anything you can’t possibly think about now, but would like to come back to.

And if you need some inspiring words to help keep you motivated on the journey, take a look at this post from my favourite blog – Zen Habits. If one blog has changed my life, this is it.



P.S. Remember, we love questions – anything you want to ask, go right ahead!