As homeopaths, we know that everyone is an individual. This is at the heart of what we do. One remedy doesn’t fit all. We know it’s the same with marketing, which is why we have lots of different ideas for you to try.

Here at Materia Marketer, each week we will take a different topic.

As you’d expect, and for many many reasons, we’ll talk about websites and social media. (We know that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s ok. But we hope to persuade you to change your mind!)

We’ll share what we know about the importance of having a professional ‘visual identity’ or a design, that is unique to you. This might seem a little strange at first, but can also be a wonderful, creative and affirming process. (You know you want to have fun really!)

We’ll suggest ways to use newsletters. Not everyone feels comfortable with writing, especially when we’re not really sure what we have to say, but newsletters are a great opportunity to build relationships. We know everyone wants to do that, so we’ll help you find your email voice. (You know you have something you want to say!)

We hope you are starting to feel excited, and ready to take the next step on your journey. We are.



— Tracy and Lulu