When we went to college, we studied with some of the best homeopaths in the country. What did they tell us about marketing ourselves and our practice? Depending on when we trained, they might have suggested we have a website, but chances are that our teachers built their reputations in the good old days before the internet took over the world, through good old word-of-mouth. They might have a business card, and a listing in the phone book or on the Society of Homeopaths website. If they teach at a college, or even at a few colleges, that’s probably all they need.

What about us? Is that enough for us? It might be. If you live in a rural village or town, where everyone knows everyone, and you are the only homeopath for miles, you might have all the clients you need.

For the rest of us, living in a busy, urban or suburban environments, where everyone drives everywhere and there isn’t such a strong neighbourhood or community feeling, where we might be competing with a couple of other homeopaths (who might even be our friends) – how do we attract the clients we need? Or, more importantly, how do our clients find the right homeopath for their needs?