Peaceful Christmas Wishes Materia Marketer 2


We’re signing out for the year today, to relax, spend quality time with friends and family, and to craft our goals for 2015.

No doubt that part of the planning will involve reviewing what has and what hasn’t worked for us, when it comes to our online presence supporting our respective businesses.

We’ll be thinking about what areas need some more attention and what new things we can try.

We’ll also be using all of this learning to create new content for you!

This year we’ve only just skimmed the surface. Come 2015, we’ll be delving much deeper and offering different kinds of support – from the regular emails and blog posts to something a bit more hands-on (stay tuned!).


A special Christmas gift for you

Send us a photo with a message and we’ll make it more lovely and add graphic text, so you send it to your clients. Similar to what we’ve done with here:



Deadline: 11am on Monday 22nd. Send the photo and the message directly to Tracy at


Books for your list

The following are some of our favourite inspirational books – it might not be too late to add them to your Christmas list!


Thank you for being part of the Materia Marketer community. We look forward to continuing to grow together.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Tracy and Lulu