As it’s just a couple of weeks till Christmas, this week we’re going to look at something that is really quick and fun.

Show: Allow oneself to be seen



We admit, this is only something you can do if you have an iPhone. Here at Radiant Business, we love our iPhones. We do realise that not everyone has one. If you don’t, we are really sorry, because the content of this email is going to be all about an App that only works with an iPhone*. We hope you can take some ideas from it anyway.

We all know that pictures with words are ‘a thing’. We see them everywhere. It started with Instagram and Pinterest quickly took up the trend. Now you see the style on adverts in magazines and other places too.

We like pictures. Everyone likes pictures, actually. We use pictures on our blog, our Twitter, our Facebook as well as our Instagram and Pinterest. We also use them to illustrate our events, our newsletters, to promote special offers and more.

Our clients really like them. Photos seem to help them to notice what we are trying to say.

Word Swag

Word Swag is a fantastic app for iPhone that allows you to use a photo, square crop it (essential) and add text to it, all very quickly, and then it is easy to share on any social media platform, or it can be added easily to emails.

You can have a look at Word Swag and see some of the lovely images you can make by looking at their website here (scroll down to the gallery).

Here you see a couple of Word Swag images that Tracy made today. First she took some photos using Hipstamatic (another iPhone app that Tracy is in love with. Hipstamatic is a great app with a selection of lenses and films, so you can customise your images depending on the occasion, the time of day and even the weather conditions).

Tracy loves taking photos, wherever she is, and she has found Word Swag is a great way to add a message to one of her custom images.

Word Swag allows you to upload a photo, add and style a simple message and share it easily, depending on your preferences.


Materia Marketer Merry Christmas WordSwag


Start something new

Christmas is the perfect time to start something new. Just take a picture of something Christmasy and add some text. There you go! Send it on an email to your clients. Instant impact!

Next week we’re sending you some ideas for things to add to your Christmas list, plus we have a Christmas Word Swag just for you. Don’t miss it!

If you have any questions, just send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you.

How can you use pictures with words for your practice? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Tracy and Lulu


*PS For those of you with Android smartphones, there are some alternative apps here. We haven’t tried them ourselves – let us know how it goes if you do.