This week we are delighted to share a guest post from Emma Colley. For those of you who don’t know Emma, she is the homeopath behind Twitter Hour. In this piece, she tells us what it is and how it works. We hope you are inspired to join the conversation.
Over to Emma:
I sat at the Society of Homeopaths conference back in September 2013 and was inspired. Inspired by the work homeopathy had done, inspired by the speakers, but, if I’m totally honest, inspired most by the collective energy, of the dynamic force in the room. A group of homeopaths uniting with a common goal. To focus, to come together, to learn and to be more.
Sometime after leaving the conference I wondered about whether something along the lines of #YorkshireHour, #AcupunctureHour and similar twitter based sessions would work for homeopaths too. A way to have that collective energy once a week, with a sharing of information, a meeting of minds and a way to promote positive homeopathy together. With nothing more than the idea of passing on the idea in mind, I got in touch with Homeopathy Action Trust who were managing the Homeopathy Worked for Me Facebook page. I passed on my idea and expected that to be that.
Several talks later, and now over a year in, I tweet from the @HomeopathyWFM (Homeopathy Worked for Me) Twitter account and #homeopathyhour started during World Homeopathy Awareness Week, on the 14th April 2014.
#homeopathyhour is now regularly attended by around 20 to 30 homeopaths each week. We’ve covered topics from first aid homeopathy to projects around the world, from anxiety to dentistry and more. Guests such as John Morgan, Mani Norland, Mary Aspinwall, Mark O’Sullivan, Kim Kalina, Tracey Gagetta and Mary English have taken time out to discuss their special interests. These have ranged from addiction and mental health, agrohomeopathy, marketing, homeopathic pharmacy, homeopathy in the treatment of autism and other neurological disorders, to name just a few.
Homeopathy Hour has become a good place to network; to make those connections many of us may miss when working from home, as well as a resource for information and place to seek ideas or insight around the topics. We regularly have tweeters join us from Germany, Canada and Ireland as well as the United States and of course the UK.
New tweeters are always welcome! It is possible to follow the conversations without having a Twitter account, but to make the most of it, it’s best to have your own Twitter account to tweet from. To get started on Twitter is pretty straightforward and Homeopathy Action Trust has a step by step guide to doing so here.
#Homeopathyhour – everything you need to know to join the conversation

1. # hashtag
The hashtag symbol ‘#’ in a tweet is what enables tweets from different people to be grouped together and to show up in a Twitter search.
2. How to join in
To see what people are saying during #Homeopathyhour, go to the search box on Twitter and type ‘#homeopathyhour’ any time between 8pm and 9pm on a Monday evening.
3. What next?
Click on ‘All’ to see all the tweets.
4. Join in
To add your own message, compose a tweet about your business, blog, books you’d like to mention or event etc, making sure you include ‘ homeopathyhour’.  Your message will then appear when anyone does a Twitter search for ‘#homeopathyhour’.
5. Converse
To join in a conversation, just click ‘reply’ and get tweeting. Or, if you think a tweet will be interesting to your followers, then retweet it. Others may retweet your messages to their followers too.
6. Use your contacts
To chat with someone in particular, make sure your tweet includes their Twitter name (e.g. @Twittername).
7. Be social
In order to get the most out of #homeopathyhour, you can talk (well, tweet) with other people. If you’re not feeling confident enough to start a thread of your own, join in a conversation that someone else has started.
8. Fast and furious?
Sometimes #homeopathyhour can be a little overwhelming at first, especially if you try to keep up with every single tweet and follow every conversation but, the tweets don’t go anywhere so you can always come back to the Twitter search at a later date and read through any that you’ve missed.
9. Top tip!
If you want to come back to a particular tweet or contact a particular tweeter later, you can always ‘favourite’ their tweet so you can find it again easily.
#homeopathyhour is currently on Twitter Mondays 8pm-9pm UK time. Please come and join in – just search #homeopathyhour to join the conversation.
Our intention is for it to be a respectful space where homeopaths can get together. Do feel free to block or report as spam any tweets/tweeters that are offensive to the discussions that you are having.
If you want to start using Twitter but really aren’t sure just how, I’ve set up a beginners course for using Twitter called ‘Twitter for 10’. It’s a free email based course and gives a 10 minute task for each of 10 days to assist you in getting to grips more with using Twitter. If you’d like more details of this or if you have any questions around anything I’ve mentioned here, I’m happy to help, just email me at
Thanks Emma, we’re inspired! We hope you are too.
Tracy and Lulu

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