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As the days grow longer and we are starting to see some signs of spring, our thoughts are turning to spring cleaning. We are feeling the urge to clear out cupboards, empty our in-boxes and generally refresh our living and workspaces. Perhaps you are too?
We have shared a lot of different ideas with you over the past few months, and we thought it might be a good opportunity to pause, and take stock. Maybe you’ve been with us from the beginning. Or perhaps you’ve joined us more recently. Either way, we feel it might be time for a review. Some mental spring cleaning, if you like.

Sometimes the universe shows us that it is time to review our practice. We find ourselves presented with a challenge that makes us stop and reconsider an aspect of our lives or our work that previously seemed an integral part of who we are or what we do. We take these signs as opportunities to reflect and come up with something better. At least until the next time.
So what has the universe been telling you lately? Have you had some topic of conversation come up in a few different situations? Have you had some challenge that has been presented on more than one occasion, perhaps in a different way?
The exercise
Set aside an hour or maybe even two. Pick a time and place when you won’t be interrupted and will be free of distractions.
We are big believers in the power of the pen. (Or in Tracy’s case, a pencil. She loves pencils.) While we are both huge fans of technology, we know that our best ideas come when we are faced with a blank page.
Start by writing down any issues or problems that are currently facing you in your work as a homeopath. Dilemmas. Decisions in the pipeline. Anything.
Then, write down all the things about your work that are going well for you. Think about everything that you use in your everyday work. Where you work, what you do, how you do it. Write it all down.
This is a great opportunity to have a dig around in your conscious and subconscious mind. To collect everything in one place. All those ideas that come to us when we are least expecting them.
Now read back through everything you have written and come up with three things that you would like to work on. Try to pick at least one easy thing, one slightly more challenging thing and one thing that takes you outside of your comfort zone.
Look at each of them in turn. Write down why you want to do them. What will the benefits be? What  will the challenges be? What might stop you from achieving your goals? Who can you ask for help?
Now write down three small actionable steps that you can take you a little closer to each of those goals.
Choose one to do now.
We’ve been spring cleaning too
Tracy’s spring cleaning this month has involved her working on her ‘terms of service’ with her clients. She’s preparing a new handout to establish some clarity about a few issues that have been challenging her. Lulu has been reviewing the scheduling system for her and her team, so that everybody can keep up with their workload, while maintaining a healthy balance in their lives. This is something that has been compromised too often, since the start of the year.
What will yours be? We’d love to know. Feel free to drop us an email if there is anything you’d like us to post about.
If you’d like to go a little deeper into your work and your purpose, you could take a look at Do Disrupt – a small but hugely empowering book on how to change the world.
In the meantime, put the kettle on, sharpen that pencil, and indulge in a little blue-sky thinking.
Tracy and Lulu
PS Here’s an inspiring Ted Talk on the art of stillness.

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