Create: Bring something into existenceOver the past few months, we’ve talked about some of the different ways to build your online presence and we hope that we’ve got you excited about the possibilities.

Perhaps you’ve started sending newsletters through an email service such as MailChimp. Maybe you’ve got a blog.

So, what do you say? What do you publish on your blog and send out in your newsletters?

Today we’re going to share some content ideas that can guide you in creating your own original content.

Top considerations for creating great content

Before we get to the ideas, here are some useful things to keep in mind when creating and posting/publishing content:


Always keep your audience in mind

Will they find the content you’re creating relevant, useful and interesting? Will it answer their questions, inspire or give them more information about you, your practice and your profession?

Remember, people have signed up to your email list because they believe that you can add value to their life in some way. Honour that.


Don’t take what you know for granted

Sometimes you might push aside a topic because you assume everybody already knows about it. Or, you might think, you’re not enough of an expert to be talking about it.

Remember, not everybody is as passionate about what you do as you are. Therefore, it’s very likely that you have knowledge and new ideas to share, as well as different (more exciting/more accessible/more relevant etc.) ways of presenting information they may have come across before.

You may not know all there is to know about homeopathy and health but, you know a great deal more than the average person and so that makes you more expert than them!


Group your content ideas into themes

Having set themes makes future content generation easier. Newspapers and magazines often have regular features and regular columns and that means we know what to expect and look forward to. It’s the same with your content. Once you’ve decided on your themes, you can even create a schedule for them.

For example: every first week of the month, you might blog about a common ailment you treat. You can also decide on set themes for different parts of your email newsletter. For example: you might always have a section for a picture of your neighbourhood, a section for inspirational things you’ve read and a top tip for healthier living.

With time, you will receive feedback on what type of content people are enjoying most and responding to. You can even send out an occasional survey as part of your newsletter. You can use this to inform what content you should be creating more of and also, to review your themes and make decisions on whether to create new ones or lose some.


10 content ideas

This is a list of themes – prompts for you to create your own specific, original ideas.

  1. Your homeopathy story – create a series of posts each touching on key moments in your journey to and in homeopathy (Tracy created her homeopathy story as a blog post)
  2. Homeopathy in your life – share anecdotes about how you use homeopathy in your day-to-day life
  3. Events – share details of events that your audience might be interested in and that relate either to your practice or to health and wellness in general
  4. Quotes – inspiring, entertaining or otherwise interesting quotes that have some relation to your practice or to how you want your clients to feel
  5. Suggested reading, viewing and listening – highlighting articles, books, shows, films, podcasts etc. that your audience will find interesting. Again, make sure these somehow relate to your practice, homeopathy or healthy living in general
  6. Behind the scenes – a glimpse into your space, pictures of your ‘tools’, your view. Put some thought into the pictures so that they are interesting and nice to look at
  7. Highlight national/world days/weeks and months – for example, World Homeopathy Awareness Week. Be creative with this and find days that don’t have an obvious connection – then make the link!
  8. Top tips – Similar to the how-to guides. For example, ‘tips for a more restful night’ (which may include some remedy advice too)
  9. Recipes for healthy living – simple drinks and meals that you swear by
  10. Homeopathy success stories – we recommend that you ask permission to share successful casework with clients (anonymously and with permission)


We hope these ideas have got your creative juices flowing.

We encourage you to get a large sheet of paper and a felt pen out and start writing out some specific ideas for you.

Just go for it and have fun – whatever comes to mind, however irrelevant or silly it seems. You will edit them later.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and we always love to hear from you.

Tracy and Lulu

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