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We hope you are enjoying some down time over the Spring Bank Holiday. We are.
We wanted to share some thoughts with you, as they are connected with the Easter theme of rebirth.
You may already have a brand, you may already have a website. You may be thinking about making some changes to improve it. But have you considered a fundamental shake up? A new name perhaps? A completely new design? What’s stopping you? Does it seem like a lot of hassle? More trouble than it is worth?

Tracy had her first website set up in 2005. She lived in Limehouse, in the Docklands area of London, so her website was called Her first brand image was a series of three butterflies, small, medium and large. The butterflies were a stylised silhouette, and the image was ‘filled’ with a photograph of a green leafy plant. The background was hyacinth blue, and the typography was white. The colours were really pretty and Tracy really liked them. She had lots of compliments and was happy with the way everything looked.
A few years later, she moved house and was no longer practicing at home, so she asked the designer to refresh her brand. The images stayed the same, but she had a complete colour change. The background colour changed to a vibrant green and the butterflies were ‘filled’ with an image of a Berberis plant, in a deep pink. This was just what was needed to reflect the changes in her practice.
A few years down the line, living and working in Bethnal Green rather than Limehouse, the web address no longer seemed appropriate. Tracy worried a great deal about whether or not to change it, and if so, what to change it to. She thought about lots of different words that could resonate with her practice. Eventually she asked the opinion of her friends and clients through a post on her Facebook page. The response was a resounding ‘yes’ – and so was born.
Shortly afterwards, she was at a craft fair and was drawn to one of the stalls which was selling a range of cards and prints. She got chatting to the designer and asked whether she would consider branding. The designer said ‘yes’.
A couple of months later, Tracy took a deep breath, and made the leap of purchasing a completely new domain name, to reflect the practice that she had grown into, and contacted the designer to create an entirely new brand. She also had a new professional photograph taken.
It took a couple of months to agree and finalise all the images and wording, and then another week or so for all the printed materials to arrive, but then it was done. Her old website was directed to her new domain name so the transition was seamless.
It was a big step, and was definitely an investment, but totally worth it from Tracy’s point of view. Her already busy practice took another leap. She soon took on more clinic hours and within three months, the rebranding had completely paid for itself.
Having her design completely remade gave her the opportunity to have her website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter page all have the same look. The business card and greeting card are in daily use. Her flyer is on display in her clinics and her postcard is easy to bring to networking meetings or to leave in coffee shops. Her poster doubles as an advert for local magazines and newsletters.
How do you feel about your brand? Your domain name? Are you inspired? Ready to rock the boat? (Or maybe a little daunted?)
If this is the case, we’d like to reassure you. As with many large tasks, it is simply a matter of breaking it down into smaller chunks and taking it step by step. As is often the case, it is always easier to have someone more experienced to guide and advise you along the way.
Next week we are meeting to finalise our plans for the different ways that you can work with us. Look out for the email on Saturday – we can’t wait to tell you all about it!
In the meantime, enjoy the weekend. We hope you get to eat some delicious Easter treats and to enjoy all the beautiful signs of Spring.
Tracy and Lulu

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