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We started Materia Marketer because we’re both very passionate about the internet, social media and ultimately, presentation.

We’ve both experienced how powerful having a distinctive visual identity and a good web presence can be, when it comes to growing a business. However, we realised that there were so many other passionate people, who were struggling to reach their clients.

We started this blog as a place to share all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained – and continue to build – so that you can develop your practice into the thriving business you deserve. All the while, staying true to what makes you unique and special.


What’s next for Materia Marketer

We’ve been thrilled by the response our weekly blogs and emails have received, and this has encouraged us to think of more ways in which we can support your businesses.

We appreciate that sometimes we all need some individual attention, to help us take things to the next level.

That’s why we’re launching a collection of packages, to help you create a bespoke and professional visual identity (branding), website and other communications materials.

We’re bringing together our decades of expertise in communications, design, education and marketing, with our experience of running our own businesses, for over 5 years each.

We welcome you to be nosy and find out more about us. You can take a look at Tracy’s CV and Lulu’s CV.


Images package

Our images package starts at £75 + VAT

You get 5 customised images with words which, you can use for your marketing – whether announcing new services, seasonal greetings and more. Tracy will work her aesthetic magic and elevate ordinary images and colours to a truly distinct piece of communication for your practice.

There are several options to choose from:

  • Words and colours: £75 + VAT
  • Words with photographs supplied by you: £100 + VAT
  • Words with custom photographs, taken especially for you by Tracy: £150 + VAT


Website package

Our website package starts at £690 + VAT and includes:

  • Website content consultation with Tracy
  • A custom hand-drawn illustration by Lulu (you can choose between a portrait (examples here); a plant or; an object/collection of objects, e.g. the tools of your trade. The latter two options can form the basis of your branding/visual identity
  • A WordPress website



Work with us

If you’re interested in signing up for one or both of these packages, please get in touch by leaving your details here. We will then follow-up with next steps.

Stay tuned for more packages coming soon.

In the meantime, our regular weekly posts and emails continue as usual. If you read something that could benefit somebody you know, please do share it with them.

We love receiving your feedback so, do drop us a line in the comments below. Perhaps there’s a particular area that you’re struggling with? Let us know that below too.


Tracy and Lulu


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