Summer readingWe are going to take a short break for the summer (and we hope you are too.) We’re taking some time away with our family and friends. We are also taking some time together, working on some new directions for Materia Marketer.
We’ll have lots of exciting things in store for ‘back to school’ time in September, including a seminar or two, and other new offerings.
We know you’ll be busy too, but as summer is traditionally a time for lazing around and reading, we thought we’d share some of our favourite reads for business, marketing and brand inspiration.

If you want to discover your creative expression and work through your blocks, including limiting beliefs, this book is for you! It tackles self-doubt and self-criticism and helps you discover all your hidden talents. We are both huge fans of this book and recommend it ALL the time!
Disclaimer: This book changes lives!
This book takes a minimal approach to business and redefines everything we think we know about work. Fast-paced, inspirational and more than a little controversial, this book will make you feel you can take on the world!
If you’re not sure that branding is for you – you need to read this book. ‘Do something you love and you’ll never need to work again’ is a compelling message and he conveys it well. Mainly aimed at small businesses, there is still a lot to take away. Especially if you read it in conjunction with:
This book is all about doing things differently. If you are secretly a bit of a rebel, this book is for you.
Tracy is such a fan of this book that she bought five extra copies to give out to people. Her daughter’s art teacher loves it especially and refers to it constantly! If you have ever felt bad about seeking inspiration from others’ work – don’t! This book actively encourages it. And if you like that, you might also enjoy:
This book encourages us to find our voice (if we don’t already use it) and how to take the next step on our creative journey.
If you’d like to suggest something for us to read – just drop us a line. We are always keen for new inspiration.
That’s all from us for now.
Tracy + Lulu