IMG_8024 850We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful, rejuvenating and fun summer! We both made sure to take some time off for a little bit of travel and a lot of quality time with family. Now we’ve just a about got back into the swing of things and, we’re excited to give all we’ve got to the last few months of 2015.
We appreciate that it can be difficult to build up momentum after the summer – whether you took a break or not. That’s why today’s post is all about getting back into gear.

Over the past year, we’ve covered several topics to do with various aspects of marketing your business. From branding through to establishing an online presence and everything to the side and in between.
We know it can be overwhelming if you’re just starting to think about all of these things. As much as we both love learning about marketing, and experimenting with implementing new things – we still face the challenge of getting all the thing’s we’d like done.
The slight edge
There’s a Swahili saying – haba na haba hujaza kibaba – which means, little by little the pot gets full.
It’s important to start somewhere and do something, however small. We highly recommend the book, The Slight Edge, which, reminds us of the cumulative power that consistent small efforts can have, over time.
Perhaps you’ll set aside 30 minutes each day to devote to your marketing. Perhaps you’ll set aside a couple of hours once a week. Perhaps you’ll block off a whole day each month (the two of us have made a date to do this together next month – one entire day to focus on planning how we can deliver more great value to you).
Be realistic about what works with your schedule and with your style of doing things, then make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. Feel free to share it with us, below in the comments, for greater accountability.
Justifying marketing time
We know it can be hard to carve out this time, especially when you’re not yet seeing the results. It can seem that you’re wasting time – time that you could use seeing clients and making money.
It’s important to keep thinking about the big picture. By putting marketing systems in place, you’re setting yourself up for a long-term sustainable stream of business. This delayed gratification is worth it. It will bring you a lot of peace of mind and potentially even more time and space to devote to strategically growing your business, whatever that looks like to you.
It might be more clients or higher fees; it could be writing a book or launching a programme; it could be having more time where you’re not working and instead spending it with your family.
Whatever your vision of success, setting time aside for your marketing can be a key driver to achieving it.
Now that you’ve set the time aside, how will you begin to tackle things?
You may already have certain things underway but, if you need some ideas to kick-start your groove, have a look at our index page and the list below.
Where to begin
  • Are you clear about who your ideal clients are?
  • Are you clear on how you offer something different from your peers and why your ideal clients should choose you?
  • Do you have communications materials that express this difference and the unique values and personality of your business?
  • Are all of these materials consistent?
Online presence
  • Have you secured a domain name?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Does it answer the questions prospective clients may have when deciding to work with you?
  • Is the look of your site consistent with your other materials?
  • Does your website stand out? Is it you?
  • Do you know where your ideal clients hang out online?
  • Do you have a presence there too?
  • Are you engaging with them?
We’d love to hear what activities you’re going to be focusing on over the next few weeks and months. Do share in the comments and we will too!
Good luck.