IMG_8040 850What do you enjoy most about Facebook? Taking part in discussions in one of your favourite group hangouts? Seeing photos from family and friends?


Or do you enjoy the way it helps you get to know people better? Their likes and dislikes. Their hobbies. Their passions. Maybe you even get to learn something new and broaden your own horizons a little?


(That’s our favourite part.)


Quirks are cool


We love our friends’ quirkier sides. One of us has a friend who loves Star Wars. It is very entertaining to see the funny images and quotes that he shares. Another friend posts funny pictures of her dog in different outfits. Someone else shares inspirational blog posts about relationships. Another friend is passionate about cycling and takes part in track races and cycle adventures for charity.


We don’t always discover these sides to our friends when we first get to know them. Facebook becomes another way to have a window into their world. These things become part of what we associate with those people and we like it. Humans are curious about each other. It is part of what makes us human.


What do people associate with you?


You probably already know the things people associate with you.


For Tracy, it’s dancing, blues and soul music, the conversations she has with her children, and the photos she takes of her life.


For Lulu, it’s African art and culture, her daily drawings of plants and her love of eating well through a paleo diet.


Take a moment to think about your own associations and maybe make a little note for yourself. (It doesn’t matter what it is, just so long as it’s your thing.)


Do you regularly include these topics in your social media presence?




That’s great!




By showing your personality, you are starting to build a personal brand.


Personal branding and why you need it


Wait. Branding is all about businesses isn’t it?


Yes and no.


We’d say that all branding is personal actually.


Or maybe we should say, all GOOD branding is personal.


That’s what branding is. An identity should be kind of personal, whether it is a company, a product or a service. That’s how branding works.


But when you are your business and your business is you, your personality is even more important.


When we are developing our identity as a therapist or practitioner it is common to identify mainly with our therapy, discipline or philosophy. This is important, but that’s really just the beginning.


Who we are is at least as important as what we offer. And what we offer is not who we are. (If that doesn’t make sense, try reading it again!)


Personality builds relationships


Our work is all about relationships, and we all know that these are built on trust and respect. We all know the importance of being consistent, reliable and professional.


We believe that is is possible to be all of those things, but also to allow our clients to see the real us. To be and to share our authentic self.
To build a successful business, we need to allow our clients and prospects a window into our world. To know us a little bit.


It’s the same for all of us. The more we know someone, the easier it is to relate. To look forward to seeing them. To be excited to read their email. To tell others about them. (This applies to our prospective clients as well as our existing ones.)


This is why thinking beyond your logo or your website is important, especially when we work directly with others in a holistic and personal way.


3 Easy ways to share your personality on Facebook


Facebook is probably the easiest place to show the world who you are. Everyone else is doing it. Why not you too?


On your personal Facebook 


Here’s a thought. Only share things you truly love and feel passionate about. Share about topics and issues that move you and inspire you. Write a personal introduction to EVERYTHING! (This is the best way to start showing the real you.)


If you start to see some themes emerging, go with it. (And remember you can always keep one or two lists to separate out some of the things you share for a specific audience.)


On your business Facebook Page


Let your personality shine through here too!


You can do this most easily with a personal introduction to everything that you share. Try to write the way you talk. Be excited. Tell a story.


Share photos of what you are doing ‘behind the scenes’.


Just taken delivery of something? Show us what you bought!


New receptionist at work? Introduce them to us!


Christmas display in your window? (You get the idea. And if not, here are some more ideas.)


Be consistent


Find ways to share similar content on your personal and Facebook pages. Remember to show who YOU are. Not just shares about your therapy or practice.


If you do this, and you regularly invite friends to ‘like’ your Facebook page, they will be more likely to do so, as it will be clearly and recognisably you. (Just make sure your profile pictures are photos of you.) 🙂


One more thing


Have some personal information included in your ‘About Me’ page. If there is one thing that you love that is not exactly mainstream and you’re wondering whether it’s ok to include it, definitely include it. It is part of you and, more importantly it makes you memorable. (And make sure you share about it on both your personal and your business Facebook page.)


We KNOW we don’t need to remind you to have a button or a link to your Facebook page on your website. 🙂


If you don’t have one, and you’re not sure whether you want one, here’s a compelling reason you might like to consider – it’s good for your SEO. 🙂


That’s all for this week


You might have noticed that our posts have started to be fortnightly instead of weekly. That’s our plan for the next few months, b-e-c-a-u-s-e we are spending time making new materials to help you take your business to the next level.


Tracy and Lulu