5 proven strategies for achieving your goals in 2016Hey! Happy 2016


We’re a few weeks into the new year, and we hope you’ve got off to a flying start!


Do you make resolutions?


We always do!


Isn’t it exciting and motivating to start the new year with a new notebook or journal, or even a simple to-do list? You know the feeling, you’re determined that this time things will really get done and everything will be fabulous!


Look back to January 2015. What were your goals for the year? Can you remember them? Did you write them down anywhere? Can you find them?


Most importantly, do you remember whether you achieved them?


Yes? No? Maybe?


Well, whatever your answer, this year is going to be even more exciting because we’re going to share four ways to set and really and truly a-c-h-i-e-v-e your resolutions!


  • Write your resolutions down.
    Research tells us that we are more likely to achieve our goals, simply by writing them down.


  • State your resolutions clearly.


    A – actionable (begins with a verb – e.g. write one new blog post per month)

    C – challenging (get outside of your comfort zone – research tells us we are more likely to rise to a challenge)

    C – calendar it! (give yourself a date to achieve it by)

    A – aspirational and inspiring (it MUST be something you really want to do!)

    S – specific (measurable criteria that you can evaluate it by)


  • Share your resolutions with someone who will support you and perhaps even hold you accountable.


  • Review your goals regularly (set a weekly appointment to review your goals)


Remember the WHY!


A couple of months ago, we shared an incredibly Ted Talk that is all about the WHY. You can review it here.


(This is important)


Write down the reasons why you want to achieve each of your resolutions. How will your life change when you achieve this goal?


You can choose one or more goals that are related to your business, but we suggest that you choose at least one goal around your well-being and another around your hobbies or personal life and another to do with your relationships.


From all of the resolutions, choose the one that will have the most impact. This is the one that will help you progress with everything else.


Finally, keep your resolutions visible! On the fridge, in your diary, make a screen saver, write them on post it notes and stick them all around you!


We would like to wish you every happiness and success in 2016!


(But to make those wishes into reality, that’s down to you.)


Tracy + Lulu