Up-level to transform and growHere’s a question for you.

Do you feel like you’re making a big effort to build your practice as a homeopath, but it’s taking you way longer than you thought it would?

Do you secretly compare yourself to those amazing ‘rock star’ homeopaths?

Do you wish you could simply wake up one morning and find that everything had fallen into place, and that you had the successful practice of your dreams?

Do you find yourself wondering what you actually have to do to make this whole ‘being a homeopath’ thing work?

Yes to one or more of those?

That’s ok — you are definitely not alone!

Today we’re going to share 2 simple ways to “up-level” your practice, starting with…


#1. Spend money where it makes the most difference

This is not about spending more money, but rather making smart adjustments to where it goes.

Do you feel like you’re:

  • comparing yourself to other, more established and ‘successful’ homeopaths while thinking about how many things you need to get before you can take your business to the next level?
  • spending a great deal of time and money on your own homeopathic treatment, supervision, new books, journals, training and equipment so that you can be a better homeopath?
  • stuck in the ‘student zone’ of constant learning?

There can be a lot of pressure to spend more money on professional development right now, we know the feeling.

We homeopaths are a scholarly bunch and we do love learning about homeopathy!

But let’s face it, you became a homeopath because you want to help people (at least we hope you did)! You do have to work hard to be a homeopath, but that success comes with balancing your further training along with investments in some of the practical stuff that’s going to help you reach more people and make more money too.


Especially for homeopaths

As homeopaths we are often sensitive and empathetic. Most of us are not a graphic designer, WordPress wiz, tech specialists, or book-keeper.

If you are running around trying to do everything in your business, you might find that spending a bit of money to offload practical things that are stressing you out could make a big difference.

For example:

  • If you invest in a tech assistant to spend a couple of hours setting up your newsletter template, you could start sending regular emails to your community. (If you want a personal recommendation, just drop us a note.)
  • You could hire a designer to refresh your business branding, especially if you’ve been doing it yourself. Great design helps you look and feel more professional and beautiful business stationery works wonders too.
  • Professional photos can instantly up-level your entire website, and a photo shoot can be surprisingly affordable.
  • You could even pay someone to clean your house or get some extra childcare so you can set up your new scheduling system.

In other words, before you sign up for more CPD or invest in another new book, think about what stage you’re at with your practice and what investments will really open up time to move you forward. We’re not saying you shouldn’t do CPD or buy books, but we see too many homeopaths who invest all their earnings in professional development (excellent!) yet don’t spend any money on the things that will grow their business or make their life easier (limiting growth).


#2. Spend your time being consistent

We all know ‘money is time’. Did you know ‘time is consistency’?

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, building a successful homeopathy practice needs consistency. The strategies we share are so basic they might not even seem like they could make much of a difference. But they do.

The truth is that we have done all of these really consistent, basic things for years. There are no bells and whistles.


If you want to be successful you have to turn up and be consistent with the basics over and over again.

Regular newsletters to your community, with links to your latest blog are the two best things you can do to get more people through the door.

Yes it sounds simple. Yes it takes time (and a little bit of know how), But when you make time to do simple things consistently you build trust and credibility. Your new followers want to work with you. People book back in.

It’s easy to get distracted.

Email, Facebook and all those day to day tasks that need doing. When you tick lots of things off your to-do list you feel accomplished but you won’t have created any momentum.

When you dedicate blocks of focused time to write newsletters and blog posts your practice will flourish.

Thanks for reading, we hope you feel inspired!

See you next time.

Tracy & Lulu