review - assess in order to make changesWhen did you last review your practice?

I do it at the end of every quarter. It helps me see if I’m moving towards my goals, and figure out what’s working and what’s not working. Then I update my goals for the new quarter.

I find September is a good time for a review; it has a ‘back-to-school’ feel about it.

January is another good time, a new year is time to turn over a new leaf.

Sometime in Spring is a great time for a review. It’s a natural time to harness the new energy that’s around and channel it into new growth.

So the next question is: where do we start?


My annual review system

There is no automatic career structure for a homeopath, like there would be inside of an institution or a corporation. No annual company review. No performance management. No pre-set targets.

Without any structure or accountability it’s easy to let things drift.

Here’s how I learned to approach these self-reviews:

Know your strengths

When I worked as an assistant head-teacher, our weekly leadership meetings were all about planning and review. I enjoyed those meetings and being part of a team. We all had a different part to play.

My head teacher and deputy head teacher both told me that I had two key strengths. Number one, my optimism and positivity. Number two, I’m good at finishing things once I start them.

Looking at how I’ve grown my homeopathy business, you could say that I’ve found a way to utilise both of those things, and I use them in Your Radiant Business too. Both my homeopathy clients and those in the Radiant Business community know they can rely on me to do something once I say I’ll do it. They also know that I’m always upbeat and positive (as well as honest).

And your weaknesses, too

My weaknesses? I have too many ideas and I want to do all of them! I can multi-task easily which means I don’t always do what I set out to do. I do something else instead and have to finish the other thing later.

Also, I am sometimes too generous with my time; I’m always trying to do too many things, and can’t say no when people need help, which can lead to struggling to find time for myself.

Over time, I’ve learned to apply myself to each of these weaker areas.

Utilise what you know

As mentioned in the beginning, my regular review includes perusing my goals from the past quarter.

It is good to be honest with yourself, both at what you did well and what could have been done better. It is also helpful to reflect on which goals were within your control, and those which perhaps were affected by outside influences. Then I set fresh goals for myself for the next quarter.

In the last year, my self-review has helped me focus on my systems and structure so that I have a better foundation for my business. I regularly review my practice documents: client therapist agreement, booking notes for the clinic reception team, etc. (Email me if you’d like me to send you a copy of these.)

I’ve also out-sourced some of the things I am less good at, which allows me more time to do the things I am best at. As my book-keeper told me, ‘Doing your books is a waste of your talent!’ I was so glad she said that. There I was feeling guilty for being rubbish at filing my receipts, when I could direct that energy elsewhere into my practice.


Over to you

Did you have a different career before you were a homeopath?

What were the strengths that you brought to that role?

How could you bring those to your homeopathy work?

  • Were you good at creating systems?
  • Were you skilled at listening to people and solving their problems?
  • Where you good at research or analysis?

Whatever your skills, you can make the most of them in your work as a homeopath.

Maybe you feel you could use some help in understanding yourself better?

Two useful tests have helped me understand myself better.


Learn about yourself

The ipersonic personality test was designed as a career test. It helps people figure out what they could be good at.

You can take the test here.

I’m a Social Realist, in case you are wondering. 🙂

Another great test is 16 Personalities. Also designed to help people discover how to make the most of themselves in their career and everyday life.

You can take the 16 Personalities test here.

I’m a Protagonist, which is similar to the Social Realist but also slightly different. 🙂

Two other questions for you:

  1. If there were no obstacles to your success, what is your highest ambition for yourself as a homeopath? (Be bold, don’t play small).
  2. Look at your numbers. How many clients do you see in a busy week? In a quiet week? What were your totals for each month in the last quarter? How many would you really like to have? Aim high!

Now, set yourself a goal. What is the first step you can take towards it? Do that! 🙂

Getting more

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See you soon!