Networking meetings are often recommended as a way to meet like-minded people and build your business.

For me, the best thing I got out of my networking membership was my friendship with Lulu!

I’m often asked how Lulu and I came to set up Your Radiant Business.

The truth is, our love of beauty and how that translates into business branding and identity is what drew us together and it’s basically been the focus of a four-year-long conversation.

We initially set up our blog as a creative outlet for our ideas, and it’s grown into an enjoyable ‘side-business’ for us both.

A natural evolution

Deciding on a name for our original blog ‘Materia Marketer’ and creating a visual identity was so much fun. Rebranding it as ‘Your Radiant Business’ a couple of years later was a natural process as we had clarified our ideas on what the blog was about.

We’re now in the process of ‘refreshing’ our branding for the second time, which is exciting too (watch this space!)

Personal branding is a big concept to get your head around

It’s simple in one way: you just have to be yourself.

But harder in another: how do you translate that into an identifiable image for your practice?

Today, we would like to share how we created our very first brand identity together: Materia Marketer (the original name for Your Radiant Business). 

A name that resonates

I was keen to set up a business strategy blog that was specifically for homeopaths and we thought it would be cool to make that obvious from the title of the blog.

Lulu asked me to talk about homeopathy for about ten minutes and we wrote down lots of words.

We talked about what we wanted the brand name to convey: a body of knowledge, different topics, a modern take on marketing, friendly, practical.

We decided to use the words ‘Materia Medica’ as a starting point because both words began with M. We linked ‘Materia’ to marketing, and that is how the name came about.

Our goal for the blog was that it could become a kind of encyclopaedic collection of articles about marketing and business for homeopaths.

Colours to convey emotion

We used the colour of my Murphy’s Materia Medica as inspiration for our branding colours.

We felt that the deep red conveyed a sense of tradition, knowledge, and strength, but it felt too strong to use for the main branding colour so we used it for the highlight colour.

We complemented it with the soft green to show the link between homeopathy and nature. It’s also a calming colour which was how we wanted our audience to feel when reading our posts!






Fonts to reflect the nature of the business

We searched for a modern yet traditional font that was ‘serif’. That means having the small embellishments at the end of each letter.

We wanted a serif font as this is a ‘classic’ style.

The words Materia Marketer are placed in capitals as this echoes the writing on the spine of a book, such as a Materia Medica. It also has a strong structured feel to it.

We chose a lighter font for our names. We looked closely at the & in lots of different fonts to find a really lovely one that we both liked!

Tracy also wanted a font that allowed the r in Tracy to be set back below the T. This is a small thing, but makes a difference to how her name looks. She also wanted a soft y for the end.

We wanted to include our names in the branding as we felt that our friendship and partnership was both inspiration and collaboration. We felt that it conveyed a feeling of co-operation that we wanted to extend out to our readers, showing that we were approachable and welcoming.

A logo to capture the essence

Lulu’s design work is inspired by nature. For our design she collected images with the rings of a tree trunk. She created a Pinterest board with ideas of how this could translate into a brand logo.

I loved this idea as for me it also represented the energy that is associated with homeopathy.

Something else I very much appreciate about Lulu’s design is the hand-drawn quality that makes it unique.

We made a decision to keep the branding spacious. Tracy’s personal brand is all about keeping things simple and we wanted that to be reflected in the look and feel of Materia Marketer too.

This is just a quick overview of how we approached our very first shared brand. I hope you found it interesting to read.

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Next time we’ll share the behind the scenes of our shift from Materia Marketer to Your Radiant Business.

Thanks for reading!