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Making a decision about a name for something is always hard. If you’ve ever had to name a baby or even a pet, you might remember the process.

  • Gathering ideas
  • Making a short-list
  • Maybe even change your mind a few times?

‘Materia Marketer’ was a great first choice of name for Your Radiant Business, but there came a time when it somehow didn’t feel such a good fit.

This coincided with the time when Lulu made a decision to move back to Nairobi.

We’d continued with our blog collaboration, and I’d begun to mentor two homeopaths regularly. One was newly graduated and the other wanted to refresh her practice.

I was ready for the next step: offering seminars. I felt held back by our name. Materia Marketer just didn’t seem to fit what I was sharing through mentoring, and it wasn’t what I wanted to teach.

Today, we would like to share how we evolved our brand identity together: the shift from Materia Marketer to Your Radiant Business.

A natural evolution

On reflection, I felt the name ‘Materia Marketer’ implied a left-brained approach to business building: logical, analytical and objective.

I realised that Lulu and I were equally focused on the right-brained process of creating an inspiring homeopathy business: thoughtful, intuitive and creative.

The word ‘radiant’ came to me one day and felt like it could work. I looked up the definition:

Radiant: sending out light, shining or glowing brightly

This, for me, is how I want people to perceive homeopathy, as something that brings light.

I felt it was a great word to include in our business name as a starting point, and couldn’t wait to share it with Lulu.

The best of both sides

When Lulu and I met up before she moved to Kenya, we talked about the future of our blog and I shared my idea to change the name.

It took a fair bit of discussion. We wanted the new name to show the importance of a creative personal brand, along with the need for a level-headed approach to business strategy.

Together we settled on ‘Your Radiant Business’. The best of left and right brained thinking.

A colour evolution

We agreed that the deep red and soft green of Materia Marketer was not congruent with our new name. Your Radiant Business needed brighter colours.

Luckily, Lulu had brought her computer to our meeting so we got to work!

We both wanted to include yellow in the brand identity. Yellow features strongly throughout all of Lulu’s design work. Take a look at Lulu Kitololo on Instagram and see how the yellow pops out at you.

I love yellow too, and my DJ brand image includes a yellow rose. My Homeopathy with Tracy branding is a golden yellow too.

We chose white for the text as it was very clean and modern.

We looked at different shades of turquoise and teal to pair with our yellow until we found a colour combination that looked, well, radiant.







Font refresh

We searched for a clean, modern font for the title.

The words Your Radiant Business remain in capitals to maintain the sense of a simple structure.

We chose a hand-written style font for our names. This was tricky, as the ‘brush stroke’ font trend had really taken off and we didn’t want to resemble that.

We eventually found one that we liked, creating a feeling of a ‘signature’ for our names.

We continued to include both our names in the branding as we felt that our friendship was how the business began. We knew that Lulu was taking a break from our work together but we wanted to keep the ‘door open’ for future collaboration.

We are at the heart of our personal businesses, and we wanted this to extend into this partnership together

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Thanks for reading!