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If you’re getting new clients through word of mouth and your practice is consistently full each week, then that’s great! (Full is whatever that means for you personally.) 

If, however, you have lots of people one week and only one or two the next — or you just aren’t very busy at all — then you probably need to focus on what I call ‘growth’ activities.

Growth activities are steps we can take that attract more clients, and today I’m going to look at just one: your website.

When talking about websites with other homeopaths — whether on the Radiant Business course or during mentoring sessions — I always start with one question:

How many new clients come through your website each month?

The answer to this question is often: “I don’t really get new people through my website. They mostly come from ‘word of mouth’.”

A good reputation is important, but only one way to grow your homeopathy business. Let’s look at a growth activity that can make a big difference in drawing new people to your practice.

More than a business card

I am often told that homeopathy websites don’t work.

This is simply not true.

If you’re not getting regular bookings or enquiries from your website, it’s because your website isn’t working.

It’s not because websites don’t work.

If your website doesn’t extend a personal invitation that encourages a response, it’s simply a business card that happens to be located on the internet.

Creating a space where potential clients are comfortable in interacting with you is the key.

I’ve learned this the long way.

I’ve had a website for 14 years now, and had to learn a lot as I went along. I know my website works now because I have three or four new bookings directly from my website every week.

Plus, whenever someone comes to see me for the first time I ask how they found me. All of them have at least seen my website; even if they have come through word of mouth, they all say that the site helped them decide to book.


There’s a big smiley photo of me.
The links work.
I tell my story.
I make it easy to book.
I invite them to join my newsletter.

What exactly do these mean? Let’s look at each in turn:

My top 5 website tips

You can target these areas to quickly make your site more appealing:

  1. Show them your happy face!
    Add a photo of yourself looking happy and smiling on the front page and another one on your ‘About Me’ page. This sounds obvious but most of us feel awkward about photos of ourselves (me included!) Just get over it and put that photo up! If your photo makes you cringe, or it’s not a professional one, invest in a new photo shoot with a photographer as soon as possible. Outside or ‘on location’ somewhere is best. Read Lulu’s previous article about photos here.
  2. Fix or remove broken buttons
    Lots of websites are set up with social media buttons automatically. Check what’s on your website – Facebook? Twitter? Linked In? Pinterest? Instagram? Click on each of those social media icons and see where they go. If the link is broken or it goes somewhere random where you don’t really have a presence, take it off. Trust me, your prospective client will click on everything… and visitors especially like to click on bad links! You don’t want them to click on something that doesn’t work. I don’t have many buttons as I am only on Instagram. I do have a ‘plug in’ that shows my most recent Instagram photos. This might not be the right thing for you, by the way, I’m just saying don’t have broken buttons. 🙂
  3. Tell your story
    There is a saying: ‘If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one.’ Instead of writing for ‘everyone’, have an ideal client in mind and write your website copy for them.. Tip: your personal story will resonate with others, and the more you can embed that into your site, the more people will be drawn to work with you. Read Lulu’s previous article about crafting your story here.
  4. Make it easy to book
    What do you want your client to do when they find your website? Book an appointment? Is that easy to do? What if they’re not ready to book? What if they just want to check you out? A free 30-minute chat is a great way for people to get to find out whether they want to work with you. You should be getting 30-minute calls booked in regularly. That helps people decide if they want to work with you. Some people have a free 15-minute call. That isn’t enough time. Read my previous article about why I love booking systems here.
  5. Invite them to join you
    I’ve always been a fan of newsletters as a way to build a practice. My practice thrives on my fortnightly newsletter. If you’ve not seen it, feel free to join on my website. A couple of years ago I added a pop up button for my newsletter sign up. I had resisted it for years, but I finally caved in. I now have a few people sign up each week. Not all of them become clients, but some of them do, and they tell me that the newsletter was one of the things that helped them decide to come and see me.

Building positive change

The tips I’ve shared here are not the only things I’ve learned in the process of building a successful practice.

It breaks my heart when homeopaths tell me they were told at homeopathy college that they would never make a living from their work.

Or when I hear from homeopaths who are totally committed, but they still have ‘busy weeks’ and ‘quiet weeks’ and last minute cancellations.

I started out by running three day seminar courses to share what I have learned, but I no longer have time to travel to different locations to teach small groups, even though it’s lovely and my favourite way to work.

Instead, I have written a six week course and offer weekly webinars for support alongside.

This is more sustainable for me, plus I can reach people in many different locations.

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Your Radiant Business School

Twice a year I open access to Your Radiant Business School – a Six Week e-course on systems and structure for a successful homeopathy practice.

We focus on simple steps to uplevel your practice.

Over 100 homeopaths have completed some trainings with me, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s one of my favourite pieces of feedback.

“I started working with Tracy over a year ago, and slowly I have watched my hobby turn into a bonafide business.

I had a call from a prospective new client today, who booked in to see me. She told me there are 10 homeopaths within walking distance to her, and she chose me because my social media and website were the most professional and she had the option of booking in for a free introduction call.

This was not the case before I started working with Tracy. I have found my confidence as a business owner and am much more professional. I have systems in place for most things and am constantly evolving what I do to improve how I do things. 

I have put so many new processes and new technologies in place, something that I never would have had the confidence or foresight to do. 

I feel I have put my own stamp on my business and it now better reflects me.”


If you’d like to join my next Radiant Business Course, it begins on Monday 16th September 2019.

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