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TracyI graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education in 2007. I went to every seminar, clinic and tutorial I could find, and loved every minute! I carried my notebooks everywhere so I could read and re-read all my notes. I couldn’t wait to get started with my own practice. Setting up a website was definitely my husband’s idea. Once he’d ‘planted the seed’ I just happened to meet someone who designed websites. That’s how my first one got started. He told me I needed to get a designer and a friend recommended someone. Suddenly I found myself on a branding mission which was a huge learning curve! Over the last 12 years I’ve grown my practice as a homeopath and mentor. My interest in brand identity has continued to expand and I keep my eye firmly on the horizon; in our constantly evolving world there is nothing that stays the same. I’ve always had loads of different things on the go. Luckily I’m married to someone who knows that’s who I am and doesn’t complain too often! My husband and two children make me laugh and tear my hair out every day in pretty much equal measures but are the centre of my world and keep my feet firmly on the ground. We have a cat and a whippet around whom our lives evolve, and we live in Bethnal Green, in the East End of London.


LuluI started my first blog in 2003 and was immediately hooked by all that the web had to offer. A space to express myself; the possibility to reach people I might otherwise never come across and; a platform for me to add value to the lives of others. Over the past 10 years, having a web presence has been instrumental to establishing my career and growing my business. I currently own a graphic design studio and stock image library that offers a range of services to people who need help crafting and presenting their unique voice and growing their audience. This involves designing visual identities, printed promotional materials, websites and consulting on social media. Passionate about the opportunities that the internet offers us to connect, to exchange and to build relationships, I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm. I do this working one-on-one with clients; running web and social media workshops and; now, here! I love writing posts to help you leverage the power of the web. I live in Nairobi, Kenya with my partner and family. When I’m not designing, I’m usually making art, blogging or pursuing some sort of culinary adventure.

We want to help you shine

Hi! We're Tracy & Lulu!

Are you a homeopath who wants to build a thriving, heart-centred business?

Maybe you're just starting out and you want to build a strong foundation. Or perhaps you have been in practice for a long time, but you are ready to streamline and gain clarity?

We present you with our very best tips, strategies and practical tools to help you create a radiant homeopathy business that reflects you and your values.

We know you can attract and inspire your clients simply by being real. When you are consistent, personal and authentic your bookings will increase and your business will flourish!

Wherever you are on your journey to a successful homeopathy practice, let us guide you to the next step so you can really shine!

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