Meaningful Marketing Course

Get clear about: how to market yourself authentically so you reach the clients who are perfect for you.

How can you express the uniqueness of what you offer as a homeopathy, in a way that feels real?

At the foundation of your business is marketing that’s in alignment with who you are and what you are offering

Marketing can be hard!

How do you share all you have to offer – your knowledge, your experience, your special way of doing things and your passion?

How do you express these things in a way that resonates with the people you want to work with?

You know you have a lot to give but, you struggle to present yourself in a way that connects with the people you want to serve.

You struggle to market yourself, full-stop.

Marketing should be fun!

I’m Tracy and I’m a homeopath in East London. My focus is on women’s health, but my practice attracts men, women and children and is as diverse as the area that I serve.

It took me a while to figure out how to market myself authentically. And then to be brave enough and organised enough to do that consistently.

But when I finally did the work, and put myself out there, everything changed in my business. Talking about my work became easy. Creating newsletters and blogs became fun!

This is possible for you too.

Through the Meaningful Marketing course, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience to help you look at marketing your business with an open mind, see it within your bigger picture, so you can build your tribe of followers – clients old and new, and friends who support you. 

How to join

The course begins on Thursday 2nd May, 2019

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