Your Radiant Packages Course

Guided sessions to help you ditch the stress of managing bookings and payments by offering Packages to your clients.

But how can you start building attractive, and helpful, Packages?

What’s in it for you?


More financial stability

Clients returning regularly means we can assist with their long-term results.


Virtual lessons you can do in the comfort of your home / office.


Includes all the supporting materials you could possibly need: workbook, checklists, even sample packages.



Clients have the simplicity of a single payment


Gain a more predictable cash-flow


Peace of mind knowing you’re committed to the clients’ health and well-being


Focus on homeopathy, not the billing

More Details

This group is on-going and offers a place to ask questions and get support from me, plus the other homeopaths who completed it previously.

There is a weekly live webinar and a private Facebook group. The course material is pre-recorded, which means you can do it in comfort — anytime & anywhere.

Join in for instant support in strengthening your practice!

What members say

How to join

Small group business training ensures that everyone has my attention and support throughout. I would like to chat with you before signing up for this course, and offer two different options for you:

Free Discovery Call

Let’s talk on the phone so you can ask all the questions you like before signing up

Schedule Your Call

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