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Create branding that makes your heart sing!

Radiant Branding Course

Thank you for joining the Radiant Branding course!

Get ready to unlock ideas that will take your branding to the next level, wherever you’re starting from now.

I look forward to getting to know you and the specialness you bring to our world!


Module 1: Let's talk about feelings

I trust that you aren’t too surprised by the title of this module – this is, after all, the radiant branding challenge so, yes, we’re going to talk about feelings. Learn about how emotional connections are the foundation for your branding.

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Module 2: Finding your voice

Each of us is unique – the combination of our backgrounds, experiences, dreams, interests, values, ways of seeing makes for an individual that can never be matched. Learn how to harness your special style of expression.

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Module 3: Your ideal audience

In this module, we turn our gaze to the people we want to touch and serve. Discover the luxury of being focused by getting very specific about who these people are and helping them to find you!

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Module 4: Your landscape

While I don’t believe in competition, it’s very important to understand the market landscape within which you operate in and, to be aware of your peers. In this module we explore your landscape and the untapped opportunities within it.

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Module 5: Moving forward with your branding

When you know yourself, what you have to offer and who wants it, connecting becomes easy. In this final module, we review, brainstorm and create a plan for action.

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Course webinar schedule


During these weekly webinars, I will go over the course content and give you an opportunity to ask questions and share your progress with the group.

  • Module 1: Monday 6th August – 8pm UK
  • Module 2: Monday 13th August – 8pm UK
  • Module 3: Monday 20th August – 8pm UK
  • Module 4: Monday 27th August – 8pm UK
  • Module 5: Monday 3rd September – 8pm UK
  • Bonus: Monday 10th September– 8pm UK

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