Radiant Branding Module 5
Moving forward with your branding

When you know yourself, what you have to offer and who wants it, connecting becomes easy

The past few modules have involved:

  • Gaining clarity about communicating your unique voice and special offering to the world
  • Defining your audience and understanding where and how to connect with them
  • Getting confident about what makes you stand out from your peers. In this module, we’ll be putting these things together and creating a plan to deliver your message, to your people, in a way that is aligned with who you are.

Back to one

Before you embark on this module’s exercise, go back to the one word you came up with, at the beginning of the challenge. The word that sums up how you want your clients or customers to feel, after interacting with you and your services.

Following your previous work on voice, audience, landscape and your key point of difference – does this word still fit? Do you need a new one?

Perhaps you need to make your word more specific? You might have discovered in your landscape analysis that, some of your peers are going for a similar kind of feeling. How can you adjust your word to deliver that point of difference that only you can? For example, if your word was “inspired”, can you qualify the type of inspiration? I.e. “spiritually inspired”, “inspired to transcend their comfort zone”, “inspired to make healthier choices” etc.

You will now have a deeper understanding of your brand so, it’s okay if you need to change or tweak your word … or indeed, turn it into a short phrase.

It might help to think about it by saying the following statement out loud:

“I want my clients/patients to feel __________ when they interact with me and my business”



Exercise: Bringing it all together

Step 1: review

Referencing the brand toolkit checklist, think about how the different elements have the potential to deliver your special something to your ideal client. Thinking about your word or phrase will be useful here. Do the same with the communications channels checklist. You might already have some of these elements created or communications channels set up. If that’s the case, given all the work you’ve done in the previous modules, first review if they are still appropriate.

If they are no longer appropriate, be confident in where this challenge work has brought you and, put them aside. Create space for new and more honest representations of your brand.

Step 2: brainstorm

Think of the checklists as menus of ideas. You do not, by any means, have to have every single element listed or to use every communications channel available. You can add to your brand toolkit as necessary, reflecting the growth and evolution of your business. However, for the purpose of this exercise, you might want to think of ideas for each element – to stretch the imagination to those places where magic usually unexpectedly occurs.

Step 3: plan for action

Pick 3 brand elements or communication channels to focus on first. What do you need to prepare in order to take these forward? Use this module’s worksheet to help you plan.

Extra credit/just for fun:

Let’s get a bit crazy. Imagine there are no limits, no restrictions: not time, space, money, expertise, fear etc.

Think of an outlandish stunt or super unique communications piece that you could create and deliver to your audience.

I’d love to hear what you come up with – drop me an email with your ideas and feel free to share them on the webinar next week.

Who knows? Sometimes it just takes a little external validation, to make us realise that what we think is crazy, is actually more doable than we imagine :).

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