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Charlotte Tiffany
 I did the course because I knew I needed to change something within my business. I've enjoyed challenging myself to look and find the things that I need to shift. My boundaries are firmly in place, and I'm already seeing a huge increase in patients. 
Claire Zarb-Owen
 I needed a refresh and wanted to do coaching with a homeopath who understood my business model. It was lovely to be able to do a course local to home and it's been great to have time to focus on myself. Since doing the course I have a more consistent stream of clients, more enthusiasm and motivation. Tracy, you are a warm, caring and very natural leader. You have made me think about my business in ways that I had not considered. The course exceeded my expectations. 
Sarah Hyatt
 I have reawakened my passion for homeopathy. Tracy's enthusiasm and drive has been a real tonic. I have loved meeting other homeopaths - bouncing ideas around with the others has increased my confidence no end. I recommend the Radiant Business Course to other homeopaths who want to energise their practice and reboot their careers. Every time I leave I feel growth, inspiration and love. 
Grazia Gratti
 This course has given me a series of practical steps to take, plus more understanding of how to think about my brand and the importance of it. It was great to connect with you and the other homeopaths on the course and reinforced my sense that homeopaths are a profession! 
Bobby Fox
 You are lovely, approachable, generous with your knowledge and the course is motivating, rewarding and good value. 
Janja Martin
 Tracy I joined this your course because I realised I needed to get out of my independent (read stubborn) self that I have become to enjoy so that I would be challenged to stretch beyond the pushing forward full steam and step back and consider other ways that may be more helpful long term. You have achieved just that; by sharing the snippets of your wisdom, (the dynamic of how it all happens being the most precious one) your firm knowing, allowed me to question some deep beliefs that I now addressing and will allow me review my thinking, and ultimately how I work. Results to yet be seen. But I like how it feels. 
Helen Jefferies
 I want to say a big thank you for the Your Radiant Business Course. I am now full of ideas to improve my business and myself and am feeling really inspired to take it to the next level! 
Dipti Solanki
 Tracy is a fabulous and inspirational lady and I truly feel privileged to be working with her. Her knowledge and passion are second to none. She has enabled me to start again with my business and build it from the foundations, putting structures into place, which is making it easy for me to sustain my practice, as I get busier. The process has been challenging, scary at times, and oh so satisfying! But I always felt confident that I was in safe and knowledgeable hands. If you want to learn how to run a successful, heart centred fabulous business I would not hesitate in recommending Tracy. 
Chelsea Green
 The YRB programme has really helped me hone in on the image I want to portray and the message I want people to hear. From that I have been able to create a unique brand which extends across everything I do. When I think back to where I was prior to starting the programme I feel proud of what I have achieved. This would not have been possible without Tracy’s generosity in sharing all that she has learnt. Tracy is always happy to give advice and her feedback is well considered. Being part of a small group and having the support of like-minded people has been wonderful. We are a really close group who continue to encourage one another and that is invaluable. 
Jo Permaul
 Doing the seminar series with Tracy was a real support at a time when I felt like I had got stuck in a rut and unsure of how to uplevel my practice. Both Tracy and my peers on the series made me feel positive and that I was doing well and that with some tweaks, reflection and some gentle critique I was able to make those changes. Tracy is very knowledgeable about marketing and her passion for homeopathy is infectious. I would wholeheartedly recommend any homeopath who has been doing the same thing for years and needs a shake up giving it a go! I now feel like I can be a thoroughly modern homeopath and am savvy enough to integrate a more technological approach to my business. 
Patricia Curley
 Tracy has completely revolutionised the use of my annual complementary development hours (CPD), as her training is dynamic, appealing and relevant to homeopaths. Her vision and understanding of branding will bring you to a new commercial level. Her natural educator mode and creative complementary therapist experience brings to the table a refreshed understanding about marketing your business with confidence. 
Caroline Masters
 The main thing I have gained from being part of the YRB group are support from you and also from the other homeopaths I have met on the course. We are all in similar places in regard to our practices and it's been great encouraging each other. It has spurred me along in actually completing some of the tasks I have been thinking about for a long time. And most of all, it's been fun to step out of my comfort zone with a bit of a safety net and get going! 
Sarah Pearman
 The YRB programme has been a real game-changer for me. I knew I wanted to make my homeopathy business work, but it really felt like using the word 'business' or even 'practice' to describe what I was doing was being slightly misleading! Now I feel that I know where I want to go, and I know the steps I've got to take. Most importantly I have the belief that what I want is possible and that I can do it. I have had the confidence to plan out my time and do everything as though I am working the part-time hours that I want to, and already I have had an increase in the amount of paid work that I'm doing. Alongside all the practical stuff, the 6 of us on the course have become our own little support group and cheering squad! I think the support element has been, and continues to be, a crucial part of the process - a place where you can be honest, ask for help or encouragement, share ideas, get constructive feedback on written stuff and just generally keep me motivated. I really would recommend Tracy and the course to anyone who wants to make their homeopathy practice really work for them. 

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